What Made Me Try Naturally Based Haircare?

If you would have asked me that five months ago, you would have probably received a flippant answer like… “Who needs that? Better living with chemicals.” Oh, the naïveté of the uneducated –

Enter my ex hairdresser of 30 years- She messages me one morning raving…and I mean RAVING,  about a product line she had found that was giving her RESULTS. In fact, she had switched over and she was only using that line in her Salon. This amazed me as she had always had 3 or 4 brands, at least, that she was carrying and using at any given time. Since she knew I was always on a mission for thicker healthier hair, my cupboards were full of a graveyard of product that she had recommended and that I had tried – to no remarkable success. They were the best ones out there claiming volume, thicker hair,more shine, etc… and while ok, not exactly jaw dropping amazement at the realization of the  promises on the bottle when looking in the mirror.

So- when I get this message from my hair stylist and friend- and she is going ga ga- I listen and order.

Upon receiving my products and trying them-  I instantly know that they are different from everything out there. They have a 2 Step way to use  the shampoo for 95% of the line. The first time you wash – there are no suds. How weird is that? Well it is those vegan, gluten free, Non Toxic, no harmful chemicals or fragrances, cruelty free (Leaping Bunny Certified) products breaking down years of buildup on my hair and scalp – unclogging follicles and waking them up to get growing again.

Then the second wash…same product and SUDS!  Lots of them washing away all of that stuff I just mentioned. Oh what a feeling!

Then they have Masques, Conditioners and Styling products which deserve their own     post –  So they will get it…

Bottom line is it takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in shampoo and other beauty products, once applied, to enter your bloodstream. Scary stat, but, true! Given the current state of health and wellness, and the fact these products deliver- I am ready to choose “Modern Nature”, or Monat, for all of my haircare needs!