Hair 911

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No Matter What You Don’t Like About Your Hair…
Nontoxic Anti Aging Hair Care Can Get You Results!

Can I get a show of hands of people; Men, Women, and Children of all ethnicities- who have “something” they don’t like about their hair? That is my point.
Whether we are five, fifty, or beyond- It is always; too much, not enough, too curly, too straight, too frizzy, too flat, too tangled, too short, etc…

We eat organic food, have air purifiers in our home, buy natural cleaning supplies, and make sure our skin care products are naturally based and cruelty free. Then, when it comes to our hair- all bets are off. We would put motor oil on our head if it said it regrew hair, or cured split ends, or made our hair smooth and silky. (Okay, a slight exaggeration but, really not that far off, right?) Have you noticed that 99% of the products available out there, that purport to solve these “issues”, are made up of chemicals, toxic substances, synthetic ingredients, and unnatural fragrances? Science shows that chemicals in our shampoo/hair products take twenty six seconds to enter our blood stream! We use these same products on our children. Something needs to change. However, when you try the “organic”, enviro friendly products there is one BIG problem…they typically don’t work, or get us the results we want and need.

Enter Monat. Their name is combination of the words Modern Nature. They are the “only” Anti Aging Hair Care that is; naturally based, vegan, gluten free, nontoxic, has no harmful chemicals, no sulphates, no parabens, no phthalates, cruelty free and “Leaping Bunny Certified”, no DEA/MEA, no Phenoxyethanol, no ethanol, no Petrochemicals, no Sodium Chloride, no harmful colors, and no harmful fragrances. Their children’s line, or “Junior Line”, is also tear free, ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested and approved for young children.

Monat works by removing build up and toxins that have clogged the hair follicles. These, along with the active ingredients – Which include, red clover extract (reduces scalp inflammation, strengthens and thickens hair, and hydrates the scalp which stimulates natural noticeable hair growth), pea extract (reduces the production of DHT, the hormone that contributes to hair loss, combats premature hair thinning, also protects color and shine), and Crodasorb (protects against oxidative stress, UVB damage, and preserves natural pigmentation, keeps strands stronger and locks in moisture) all work together to give you your best hair possible.

An illustration that I really love- explains how Monat works…”Take your finger and stick it in melted wax. Your finger will have a smooth silky feeling – but, will it be able to breathe? Nope. Now, try running your finger under a stream of water. Does the wax come off easily? Nope. Does any of the water actually touch your skin? No Again. When you use products with harsh chemicals and silicones, your hair may look “smooth” and have “shine” – but it isn’t really healthy. Monat will gently detox your hair from all of the harmful buildup. (This can take 30-90 days depending on the condition of your hair.) Once the buildup is removed, the natural and botanically based ingredients will be able to be absorbed into each and every strand and follicle which will result in making your hair healthy from the inside out.”

Monat offers a variety of “Systems” to cater to every hair type.

The “Volume System” is for individuals who have fine limp hair, or thinning hair. The Revive Shampoo and Revitalize Conditioner are the “go to” products to pump up lifeless limp hair. These products increase hair density, hair and scalp health, provide weightless volume, and more. When you add in the Root Boost Spray that rounds out this System you are in for true volume and bounce without the heavy dirty feeling that a lot of volume products on the market today have.

The “Hydration System” helps everyone who needs some extra moisture to tame the frizzy fly away hair that can be the bane of our existence. This system is packed with Monat’s trademark Rejuvinique Oil (which I will give you a summary of after the Systems). There are several gentle cleaners (which make this a favorite product for color treated hair, curly hair and ethnic hair) and conditioners that hydrate the hair leaving it looking more youthful looking and supple with extraordinary shine. There is also a lightweight leave in conditioner and revitalizing masque which complete the trio.

The premier product for hair growth is the “Let It Grow” System. If you want fast hair growth, or new hair growth- this is for you. There is twice the amount of red clover extract, or Capixyl, in this Intensive Repair Treatment Shampoo product than in the previously mentioned two Systems. This makes it an incredible combination with the other ingredients to reduce scalp inflammation and DHT build up. In turn, it allows for rapid repair of the follicles and new growth to occur. It comes with a concentrated Intensive Repair Spray that gives you product to apply to particular areas on the scalp that need a bit of a boost in the growth department.

The Men’s, or “Black System” – has a two in one shampoo, also with the double amount of Capixyl. There is also a shave cream, moisturizer, and grooming clay. This shampoo is also part of the “Classic Confidence” System with the Intense Repair Spray – It is a simple 3 step System wash twice, towel dry and use the Spray. Take a before picture and then one every four weeks. You will be astounded by the difference.

The “Junior Line” consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and detangler that makes bath time a non issue when it comes to combing out snarls and curls. As mentioned previously these products are tear free, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and approved.

Monat also has various styling products which also have the same qualities of Rejuvinique Oil and naturally based ingredients that allow you to style your hair with products that do what they claim. The hair spray is even non flammable!
Rejuvinique Oil is the flagship product of the Monat line. It is made up of the purest form of 13 rare botanical oils from around the world. A major component is Abyssinian Oil. This Oil won’t dry your hair, rather it nourishes your hair and scalp by penetrating them on a cellular level. It fills and expands the hair shaft and soothes the cuticle with the perfect balance of moisture. There are 101 documented uses for this oil- everything from hair growth to psoriasis and skin conditions. Patent Pending.

Rejuvabeads is the Rejuvinique Oil condensed with nano technology into beads that when applied to the hair actually “heals” split ends by bonding the hair together. The results are staggering and impressive! Patent Pending.

We have addressed the gambit of “Hair 911” situations. Not only addressed, but SOLVED the issues – with naturally based products.

Here is a cheat list for you:

*Frizzy/Curly/Ethnic = Hydration System

*Thin/Flat/Lifeless = Volume System

*Hair Loss (Men) = Classic Confidence Or Men’s Black System

*Hair Loss (Women) = Let it Grow System

*Children = Junior Line System

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