How To Find Time… Fitting a Side Hustle Into Nooks and Crannies Successfully.

In today’s fast paced world balance is hard to find – much less adding something additional. The idea of being your own boss, having more time with your family, securing some extra funds every month (for whatever) – is vastly appealing.
However, has anyone SEEN your daily schedule lately? The Side Hustle is the way to achieve the perks mentioned above- but, how on Earth can you add anything else?

You work, have to take the kids everywhere (soccer practice, ballet lessons, chauffeuring them to school and picking them up, going to the park…), cook meals, make lunches, and still have to find quality time for yourself and your spouse- Where in all that is there time to build a business?
Let’s break it down and find some time…

*Morning – Waking up just 30 minutes earlier a day gives you about an extra three and a half hours a week to connect with people. Plan your daily Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other social media posts and schedule them so that they seamlessly promote you, your Company, or offer all day long. This is also a good time to review your “to do” list for the day and prioritize. A good plan is to be looking in advance for the “nooks and crannies” that are obvious, and not so obvious, in your day.

*Exercise – Finding some time in this area can work, depending on your favorite mode of working out. If you are a walker, this would be a good time to call one of your team members to check in on their progress and be encouraging them towards success also. Better yet, invite them to walk with you. Someone you are prospecting would also be a great option for going with you. While getting your offer presented, you are also showing them how they can work their business in and around their schedule as well. Of Course, you can’t be seriously out of breath for the above suggestion – So, if you are jogging/running, trade your tunes every other time for a motivational audio book or webinar. The gym is an excellent place for social marketing. Be aware of your surroundings and look for opportunities to plant seeds, or pique people’s curiosity about what you do. Network Marketers are “like farmers not hunters” as my upline has reminded me. You won’t scare people away by being too aggressive or salesey – a word here or there, having some samples available, or sharing your personal experience all make people curious. Piquing their curiosity is an excellent way to make warm contacts to add to your list.

*Work – If you work in an office, you have a break or lunch hour. Why not use that time to make a phone contact call, schedule a coffee date to present your product or opportunity, or make use of Social Media to further your circle of contacts?

*Kid’s Activities- Perfect way to connect with other parents. Have samples and literature with you and look for opportunities to speak with others. Do you have a teacher conference scheduled? Bring them a brochure or sample. They love to know what their student’s parents do, so, let them know. Are you spending time waiting to pick up the kids? Reach out to people by phone or messenger to follow up on prospects.

*Running Errands – Think how many people you come in contact with. The Dry Cleaner, Postal Person, Cashier’s, Hairdresser, Favorite Clerks and Venders, the Girl at the Coffee Shop… you get the idea. Be prepared and look for opportunities to pass out samples or literature and invite them to an Event you are hosting or even just attending.

*Cleaning House or Cooking Dinner- Use that time for education or personal development. Listen to an audiobook on successfully presenting or closing. Have a video or webinar file that you wanted to watch to learn more about your business and set up your iPad while you are in the kitchen to use that opportunity as well.

*Quality Time- Make it a priority to involve your Spouse whenever and to whatever level you can. They will be the one to support you and share your successes. Plus when you qualify for Company Sponsored Vacations, it will be more fun to have them with you on your Cruise to the Caribbean! Now that is Quality Time!

These are just some proven ways to grow and build your business around a busy schedule while still being there for your Family. They are probably your most motivating reason to better your lifestyle, make more money, save for a better retirement, or college for your children. However, there is no shame in rewarding yourself as well! Everyone needs a Shoe Fund!


Here is an outline of what a typical day as a successful Mom, Boss, Employee, and Spouse might look like:

5:30 am – Get up, grab coffee and your laptop, iPad, daytimer (whatever your choice is). Look at your “to do” list you made last night before you went to bed. Prioritize. Look for “potential” areas in the day where you can work your business.

5:45am – Schedule your social media postings for the day with the content you located during your afternoon break at work the day before.

6:00am – Get ready for the day.

7:00am – Get the kids up, dressed, and fed and in the car (don’t forget the lunches you made last night at the same time you were cooking dinner).

8:00am – In the car, drop the kids off at school, or daycare- don’t forget to kiss them goodbye.

8:30am – Commute to work. Use your hands free phone and call two or three prospects. Set one up to meet or talk further on your lunch hour, and the other to join you on your walk this evening.

9:00am – Work your “other job” and be your usual Rockstar self.

10:15am – Coffee break. Check messages and reply. Look for any announcements or special offer emails from your business headquarters.

10:30am – 12:00pm Be the Amazing Employee only you can be.

12:00p – Lunch hour. Meet Prospect at Coffee House next to your office and present your offer, close the deal, and welcome them to your Team. Then explain their “Next Step”, make arrangements for their training, and make appointment to check back with them.

1:00pm – Office Superstar

2:15pm – Afternoon Break. Grab your coffee, check social media, find content for tomorrow’s posts.

2:30pm – Home Stretch…

5:00pm – Pick up kids from day care or sports practice. While waiting chat with other parents and introduce yourself to new faces.

5:30pm – Home. Make tomorrow’s lunches while you make dinner and play a video on your iPad on how to be a better closer. (Some personal improvement type of education)

6:00pm – Spouse Home – Dinner Time.

7:00pm – Meet Friend for your walk. Listen to the concerns they voice about their life and tell them how you can make their life better with your product or opportunity. You only walk every other day –
So, on days where you are not walking it would be a good hour to check on customers, return messages, text, email, fill orders, work on your website, prospect, etc…

8:00pm – Family Time. No Working.

9:00pm – Kid’s Bedtime. Read a Story with them and tuck them in.

9:30pm – WINE TIME.

10:00pm – Make tomorrow’s to do list and put together the social media posts that you will schedule in the morning. Involve your spouse in helping you write articles, find relevant content for your pages and posts, and marketing ideas. Keep in touch with friends through text and messenger.

11:00pm – Wrap it Up and Get Some Sleep. You have had a full day of being Amazing!

I hope you understand that the above schedule is a “perfect day” and there aren’t too many of those. However, in reviewing this “Guide to a Nook and Crannie Side Hustle” hopefully you have been able to see that the secret to success is commitment, determination, focus, and scheduling. You already do all that so implementing some of these suggestions will absolutely help you reach your goals. Whether it is extra money for vacation, the end game of quitting your day job, retiring your spouse, getting a new home or car… Whatever it is – You Can Achieve It!

If you implement these suggestions – In the next seven days I can guarantee that you will see:

~More Productivity in Your Business and Your Life
~Personal Growth and Fine Tuning of Your Social Marketing Techniques
~More Interest in Your Product, Service, or Opportunity
~More Leads and Prospects Which Will Equal More Team Members

Of Course, in order to reach your goals, you need to choose the right side hustle. Pick one that motivates you, inspires you, and makes you eager to help others as well as yourself. Soon you will find you have succeeded in working on a side hustle that has enabled you to be successful, happy, and making enough money that it has become your career.

Think how happy and fulfilled you will feel when you are working on your own terms, where you want, when you want, how you want and with who you choose.

If you have found value in this and would like to have a free consultation on how you can make a side hustle work in your life with your schedule, I would enjoy showing you how to fit an opportunity into your life and set you up for success. Plus, I will also give you information on my favorite up and coming home business, as well as show you how you can take advantage of getting in on the ground floor, and what that really means for your potential earning power.

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