Attitude… How to Tell If Yours Is In Need of Adjustment In Order To Be the Most Successful Version of Yourself Possible.


Attitude is defined as: “A settled way of thinking or feeling about something” according to the Oxford Dictionary.
So, how do we determine whether ours needs to be tweaked to be the most productive and successful person we can be? Maybe it is what drives us to achieve more and more or maybe it is what makes us frustrated and upset with the slightest fault in ourselves and/or others.
Studies have shown that our attitude can have a significant impact on our health and relationships.
An attitude that is positive and upbeat – optimistic in fact, can alter the mood of others around you. That type of attitude can inspire people to approach you, want to know you, and learn what your motivation is, or, at the very least, will be more open to listening and learning about your product or opportunity.

Conversely, a negative and defeatist attitude can also alter the atmosphere around you. There is a reason that a negative person is almost always depicted in cartoons as having a rain cloud over them. Doom, gloom, lethargy, or perhaps even conflict and anger can exude from ones in this state. Does that sound like someone excited about what they do, and promoting a better or more beneficial lifestyle to someone? I think not.

Who would you be drawn to? It doesn’t take much to say the first person sounds much more fun and approachable. It looks like they are living a life that is better than the norm. Aren’t you curious about what they have going for them? What products do they use? What do they do for work? How can we hang out? They look like they have a great sense of humor. Maybe it will rub off and we can share that sunshine with them!
Life is stressful, full of pain, heartache, and headaches. That doesn’t mean we have to give into it. Granted, having a grasp on reality is important – no one wants to be around Mary Poppins 24/7. Balance is key. Making optimism your goal will help mitigate the issues that all of us encounter.

Perhaps we have been going through a particularly stressful time in our business. We post and post, send samples, have spent hours on educating ourselves on how to present our best self to others and nada. Nuthin’. You are hearing crickets instead of the phone ringing. Your paycheck reflects the lack of interest. However, you see others who can’t keep product in stock or who are adding to their teams and rank advancing so fast that it borders on unbelievable. It must be you. After all this ALWAYS happens. What made you think that this time it would be any different? How will you get the bills paid, gas in the car, house payment, food for the family…BAM! A SNOWBALL OF NEGATIVITY BECOMES AN AVALANCHE!

Do you think this doesn’t come through in your tone of voice, body language, even your posts? If you said “No”, you are sooo wrong. It comes through loud and clear. Rapidly, your potential prospects hear desperation and depression and stop answering your calls and responding to your messages. They have their own issues – they don’t want to join you in your attitude. People inherently want to be happy. That desire is in our DNA.


Think of the last party you were at. Were people clamoring to be around the person in the corner holding up the wall looking at their shoes? Were they drawn to the person trying to sell everybody and anybody their product of the moment? Probably not. Now think back, who was the life of the party? The one everybody wanted to talk to, hang out and catch up with? Yes – the one with the smile on their face, for everyone. Impartial and unassuming – calm and confident, and actually listening and being interested in the people they were conversing with – that is the one.

That’s great, it comes naturally to them. Some people are just born that way. They don’t have MY life. Surprise, some of them have challenges that you wouldn’t imagine. The difference is attitude. There have been many books, articles, documentaries, and so on focusing on “the power of positive thinking”. Why? The reason is because it works.

So how do we reset and revamp ourselves so people are drawn to us, so that we can have conversations and show people the value that we can offer them instead of just selling and being all salesy?

First Step – Look yourself in the mirror and announce to yourself that things are changing. Force a huge smile on your face and hold it until the count of ten. You should feel a little better after doing that (plus it is a great trick to use if you start going backwards in your attitude adjustment phase). Smiling releases endorphins which make you feel better, you can’t help yourself. Make a promise and write it out in a sentence or two that you are looking at the glass half full or some other optimistic catch phrase and put this in a place you will see every day – your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, wherever. Every day for the next three weeks, or forever, practice the smiling exercise first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to sleep. This will put you in a positive mind set to start the day and give you a positive thought before retiring.

Second Step – Be thankful. Seriously. Grab five minutes out of your day – preferably in the morning or evening when you have a minute to reflect and write down three things you are thankful for. Nothing is too small to be appreciative for. Do your best to come up with three new things every day. Keep these in a notebook or pieces of paper you can keep together because you very will may need to refer back to them when things don’t seem to be going your way. This will help you keep your perspective positive.

Third Step – Pay it forward. Do one random act of kindness for a complete stranger every week. Pay for the person in line after you at the drive through- pay the toll for the car behind you – open the door for someone – make an extra sandwich for someone…you get the idea. This doesn’t always include money – you might help your neighbor rake leaves, carry their trash to the curb, ETC… This step will make you feel good from the inside out. Also, the recipient will feel good too. Smiles around, for everyone.


Fourth Step – Don’t let the turkeys get you down. Never end your business day on a negative prospect, rejection, or cold call. Stay right where you are and contact someone that you know has an interest, or is a friend, and just call or message them to check on how they are doing. Ask about what the best thing was that happened to them at work that week, or the funniest thing their kids or pets did, what are their vacation plans for the summer… Do not mention business unless they bring it up. Just be positive. A much better way to end your day or shift – not stewing over the negative experience.

Fifth Step – Social Media Posting. Whether you do any of the platforms or even just one. Make it a goal to post one positive or motivational quote a day, or more. Do a search for “positive quotes” or “motivational quotes” on the internet and share one of those on your page with your friends or clients. This activity can’t help but make you feel motivated and positive while you peruse them. In turn they affect the others you share with the same way. Win Win.

These are just a few suggestions for getting your outlook to look up. No, your problems won’t go away – but, you will find yourself feeling better, more able to cope, will have the support and encouragement of friends, and your business will benefit as others are attracted to the lifestyle of happiness that you are living.
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