Opportunity Analysis Worksheet ~ Food For Thought

When the opportunity for a Side Hustle or some kind of Home Based Business presents itself, it is important to take a few minutes and consider how it will affect you and your family.  This brief worksheet is designed to assist in your thought process prior to signing on the dotted line.  The right fit is vital.  Business building is stressful without extra surprises and additional pressures on the Home Front. Print it out and use it at a family meeting so everyone is on board and you are set up for SUCCESS!


Opportunity Background & Description ~
(Describe How Product/Opportunity Came to Your Attention, Who is Involved, & Company/Product Background)


Opportunity Scope & Potential ~
(Outline the Current Reach of the Product/Opportunity, Projection for Growth, What Is Your Starting Role & Where Can You Go In Rank As Well as Expected Financial Parameters for Earnings)


Requirements ~
(What Will This Opportunity Require Financially for Start Up Costs, In Ongoing Costs, How Long Before It Is Realistically Profitable)


(What Will This Product/Opportunity Require In Time Spent Away From Family- Daily, Weekly, Monthly; Will This Product/Opportunity Allow Me More or Less Time with My Family Ultimately)

(List Immediate & Extended Benefits to You & Your Family; i.e. Small Business Owner Tax Deductions, Improved Income, Vacations, ETC…)
Affected Parties ~
(Who Will Be Impacted Most & Least by My Involvement with This Product/Opportunity)


Specific Changes Expected ~
(Will You Need Extra Help with the Kids, Laundry, Household Chores – Who Will Provide That Help)


Implementation Plan – If “Yes”, When & How Do You Start
(Who Will Mentor You, What Will Be Your Start Date, When/How Will You Get Your Product/Inventory, What Is the Pay Method & Schedule, If Events/Parties Are a Requirement – How Many & When Are They Held)


Scheduling ~
(What Will Your Day Look Like, Your Week, Your Month – Get a Visual Demo for You & Your Family So There are No Surprises)




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