Getting Set Up to Succeed at Working Your Home Based Business

No matter what stage of your business that you are at… you have undoubtedly experienced the emotional, financial, and physical roller coaster that is called “Entrepreneurship”.

Once the glow of the home office and doing business at home in your pajamas wears off – you are left with hard work and pressure to succeed with the opportunity you have chosen. Remember nothing happens overnight. Even the leaders in your Company started out the same way. They made the calls, juggled the prospects, faced the disappointments, stressed out over the bills also. But then one day the seeds that were planted start to germinate and grow. Studies have shown that each person needs a minimum of four to six exposures to a product or opportunity before they make a decision. That is a lot of farming.

You started this to have more time with your family, and to contribute to the family’s bottom line. That is why it is so important to screen the business and opportunity that you involve yourself with. We all know starting a business is stressful enough without having no support from your Company and a lack of product support for fledgling team members and customers. So you researched the opportunity you picked and committed to it. “The product sells itself”, doesn’t it? Well, no. The selling and relationship building is up to you.

Depending on the business that you are involved with, you might be promoting a product, an opportunity, or both. Making your first sale and signing your first team member is one of the highest highs you will experience – then the fun really starts. You get to work your Business – do it like the Boss you are!

Being a people person will help you immensely – however, even introverts can be successful in direct selling and social marketing. That is a whole other topic for another post. Scheduling and prioritizing your day is your biggest hurdle.

Make out a list of what you “must” accomplish in a day. Make out another list of what you “want” to accomplish in a day. By doing this exercise you actually reflect on your daily tasks and prioritize them. Feel free to be as specific as you need to so that this works for you. For instance, if you write down “Contact Four Prospects”, that might be all you need. Conversely, you may need to write “Contact two Prospects in the morning”, and then also note, “Contact two Prospects in the afternoon”.

The next step in scheduling your time is also individually based. You may be able to get by with dividing your day into simply am and pm. Personally, I require more structure in my schedule. One of the best tools I have used is a time slot chart starting at 7am and broken down into thirty minute intervals with room for notations next to each time slot. (You can go as late as you want, or, just do a half day.) Granted, that is more of a “perfect day” and it will, at times, go awry. It is not the end of the world. Start each day and each schedule fresh. If there is a carryover, there is a carryover. No guilt – You are the Boss.

For examples of blank schedules to use, you can simply do an Internet search for “picture of blank schedule” and you will have dozens to pick from. There are templates you can print out and use as well. The best part is most are available at no cost.

Some of the best advice I have ever received was “Don’t reinvent the wheel”.

Learn from your upline and the successful entrepreneurs that have come before you in your Company. They have obviously done the same with those who came before them – if possible, meet with and speak to as many knowledgeable and experienced individuals as you can. Ask what has worked for them, take copious notes, and then repeat those same procedures to smooth your way. Always realize that you will need to tweak other people’s processes a bit to fit your individualized work style. Just follow the outline of proven successful practices for your specific product or opportunity – they are proven for a reason.

Education and self-improvement coaches have their place and it is huge. You can never learn too much. Other thoughts and opinions should be considered and actually embraced. But wait – you picked your product/opportunity because it was something that you used personally, had experience with, or just clicked with your lifestyle. What is there to learn about shampoo, candles, makeup, skin care, etc…? LOTS!

People not only want great products, or to sign up as a representative with a successful Company. They are interested in working with a person who KNOWS about what they represent. Credibility and coming across as an expert is an invaluable tool to have in your arsenal. Would you want to do business with someone whose every response was shaky, who replied “I don’t know” to any type of specific questions (and made no effort to get answers), and who never acted like they were up to date with what they were presenting? I’ll wager the answer is a resounding NO.

Nervousness can be overcome with getting as much information in your portfolio that you are able to. Some prospects will have no questions, some will want a 10,000 foot level overview, and some will dissect every single scientific report, and rankings that you can provide. This doesn’t mean that you are aspiring to be a walking encyclopedia – you don’t want to “overwhelm” your prospects. However, you want to know enough that you can “overcome” their questions and concerns to build their confidence in “you”. That is the “you” that they want to work with, believe in, and trust to be there for them. People do business with other people, not companies. Reflect for a minute on what got you involved. Was it that you were “all in” with something that may have been appealing, but not new or earthshaking? Most likely the first picture that popped into your mind with that question is the “person” who you know and trust, that you believed and liked enough to want to be on their team. Make yourself into that “person”. Education, training, and self improvement will be vital to achieve that end.

Do your research on “life coaches”, books, programs, seminars, and new technology. There are a lot of very credible sources. Since time is one of the most valuable assets you and your home based business possess, you need to spend it wisely and get the most for your minutes and dollars. There are quite a few sources that are free, or at least very inexpensive on various platforms like (but not limited to), “You Tube”, “Facebook”, “Google”, and provided usually through your Company. Do not underestimate the value of weekly or monthly Team Meetings that are put on by your upline and Company. Those will keep you up to date on promotions, offers, and incentives offered – as well as any new science or findings that you can use in presenting your products and/or opportunities.

Now you are set up for a successful start…

To Review:

* Schedule Your Time

* Prioritize! “Must Do” Vs. “Want To”

* “Don’t Reinvent the Wheel”

* Education & Self Improvement

* “People” Do Business With “People”

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