Mistakes, Life, and Not Knowing All of the Answers Will Happen… Forgive Yourself, Welcome Success, and Consider It An Education.

As a fledgling business owner, we start with the best intentions, the highest hopes, and the biggest goals. Our product or opportunity is going to change people’s lives – not just their lives, but the lives of many generations to follow. The enthusiasm we exude from every fiber of our being, while we just know that it will be contagious – the truth is that perhaps it is reacting more like a contagion. Yikes. That is not our plan.

We may have worked in sales before, or even had our own company. Of course we know what we are doing when it comes to marketing and recruiting people in a new platform. Maybe we do but most likely not. Or, what if it is a simple product everyone uses – how hard can that be? When questions as to the details of the ingredients, where it is made, how it is made, by who, and in what country comes up and no answer is readily available in our memory bank- uh oh, we end up losing prospects before they can become customers or team members.

All of these things and more can be avoided to a large degree, by our being educated, asking questions, then actually listening to the answers before applying the knowledge and acting on it. Also, we are so much better equipped for our journey by recognizing perfection is just not going to happen, even if it seems like others have it (perfect circumstances, perfect contacts, perfect locations, etc…), they don’t.

In addition to the above, possessing the quality of humility and the ability to grow personally will serve us very well indeed. When we have those qualities, we are more inclined to follow the examples of the success stories and top earners in our company – remember, the wheel has already been invented. Entrepreneurs are out to create teams and duplicate success. They do not waste time learning processes on their own that others have spent years narrowing down to what works best in their specific market. Time is for moving forward and working smarter.

In the interest of human nature, one, two, or all of the things mentioned may come naturally for us. Or, they may not. For those “nots” among our ranks – (myself right there with you), do not lose hope. The time is never too late to mold our personalities into ones that are ripe to embrace success with both hands. Humans have a huge capacity for knowledge and growth. Ever hear of a learning curve? Exactly.

The lure of entrepreneurship, is just that, a lure. Some are successful with the first thing they try while others are chronic business starters. Over the years maybe there have been fits and starts before finding something that REALLY spoke to you. You need to have a real belief in what you are doing, or offering – but, you also need to have dedication and singleness of purpose to feed the commitment you make to yourself and others. You name it, people have tried building an empire from it- from magazine subscriptions, to the health and wellness industry, and tech products galore. These have all been marketed in many ways and by people in almost all walks of life. The brick wall of angst and failure has been hit more times than we can fathom. Some give up and never find success – while others are consistently learning and being the success story they set out to be.

A first and foremost mistake is when new members get so enthusiastic about what they have to share that they have the tendency to share first and educate second. Not good. The goal is for the people that are approached to be confident in the knowledge and ability of the one making the offer available to them. If there is hesitation from the Entrepreneur, or heaven forbid, the words “I don’t know” fall from their lips – game over. Dial again – a different number.

To clarify this point, it is always better to say –

“Let me get that information for you. When would you like to go over it?”


“The Company has a great resource library, let me tap it and get the details you are looking for.”

Just do not say ” I don’t know” if you can help it. Have a few phrases at the ready when you are prospecting so you aren’t caught unawares and fall into using “that phrase”.

This is all part of educating yourself. Familiarize yourself with training materials, references, and members that can mentor you so that you can be the kind of leader that will be able to help your team in return. If they suggest a video, book, or program that was helpful to them in learning skills for marketing – make a note of it, read it, or view it. If they suggest you join a group or page, click yourself in. If you hear about an event or meeting that has the potential to help you pick up some pointers and put you in touch with other potential mentors – go. You get the idea. It was suggested to me once that 15 – 30 minutes at least five days a week should be spent on education and personal growth. This is incredible advice – it keeps you focused when you are on the distracting roller coaster ride of business, while helping you personally be more forgiving of yourself when your course needs readjusting.

Readjusting will happen. Remember, readjusting is not failing, simply a detour, or a different road taken. How much better it is to be the one who chooses those readjustments instead of having them forced on you. You aren’t just along for the ride…you are in the driver’s seat – get out the map and keep the trip moving forward.

So, no one is answering your messages, returning your calls, friends and family seem to be avoiding you. Your enthusiasm and passion for your products or opportunity may have been mistaken for stalking or harassment. (Hopefully, not really – those words just illustrate a point.) Put the shoe on the other foot. Before you place a call or send a message – review your notes. When was the last time you contacted this person? Have they ever responded to you? What is the difference between politeness and genuine interest? How would you feel if you were receiving this communication – positive, negative, ambivalent, harassed?

While you do not ever want to assume, or make decisions for other people – you need to have a grasp on how you are coming across. Desperation is never attractive. Especially in a network marketer, or in social marketing – key words there are “network” and “social”. If you are perceived as desperate, you will neither be “social” or have a “network”. By not coming across as desperate, the benefits will outweigh any potential bonus you may earn for that month. You may get another $100 on your paycheck if you sign another person. However, just think about what will happen and how you will feel when they cancel because they signed up in a weak moment due to the fact they felt sorry for you; you will lose those bonus funds, plus lose any residual income that may have been earned, and ultimately lose your prospect as well as any contacts that they may have brought you. A very hefty cost to pay.

In conclusion:

Realize that mistakes will be made.

Forgive yourself. Do not forget the mistakes, learn from them – do not dwell on them to your detriment.

Learn from other successful people.

Keep moving forward.

Desperation does not pay.

When you are successful, not if – when, look back on your journey and you will see how you have lived, learned, and are prepared to mentor others so their journey might just have a few less bumps in their chosen road than yours did.

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