So You Want to “Have More Time For Your Family Instantly”, “Be a Top Earner Within Days”, “The Product Sells Itself”, and Other Myths Work From Home Opportunities Tell You…

Sound Familiar?  Maybe.  You need to learn to see through the hype and be realistic with your expectations. All of the above statements have truth to them – you have to learn how to sift through and find it.

You were most likely contacted by a friend, family member, or friend of a friend who is genuinely excited, enthusiastic, and ready to build their team.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  Just make sure you get all of the information you can before signing on the dotted line.  By doing this you will save yourself the headache of being committed to a person or company that you have doubts or questions about.  If you have doubts, you will transmit that to the people you contact and that is a receipe for being an unsuccessful entrepreneur.

Would you buy something or support a company that was all smoke and mirrors? Of Course Not. Your friends and family, etc… are most likely not trying to take advantage of you or lead you astray. When someone does make really broad statements not backed up by facts, it is time to either get up, walk away and maybe miss out on a great opportunity – or, get out your sifter and see what the real time line to advancement is, expected time to spend daily working your business, required funds you will be investing, and actual earnings are.  Chances are maybe the person approaching you is new, or didn’t understand all the details when they signed up themselves. It is up to you to be the Sherlock Holmes of opportunities – look for clues, then make your decisions based on the facts you uncover and your subsequent deductions.

You want to enter into any side hustle with eyes wide open, especially since you may find that your side hustle is progressing into a career.

Examples of some things to know ahead of time:

~ There will be start up costs – find out what the average is.

~ Talk to others on the team and in your potential upline about their start up experience.

~ How long did it take for them to get their business off the ground?

~ When did the earnings outweigh the investment?

~ What training and resources are available online, offline, in person so that you are comfortable with being trained in such a way that you could train others?

After you have answered the above questions and any supplemental concerns you may have, then you are ready to go all in – or, get out.

There are so many opportunities out there because there are so many different types of people, methods of marketing, and unique personalities that make them work. Success stories and testimonials exist. Yes, they really do exist and there are genuine people who are giving these testimonies. Why do these exist and how is it possible for you to be part of that club? They exist because those top earners chose the right opportunity for them and their circumstances. That is why you need to know yourself and make sure you are honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses.

Ask yourself:

~ Am I a people person?

~ How do I feel about holding events or parties?

~ Is social networking and blogging more my strong suit?

~ How do I feel about promoting Health and Wellness products?

~ What products do I personally use and believe in?

~ Am I more of a household products person?

~ What are the various reputations and requirements of the company you are considering?

You get the general idea. Set yourself up for success from the beginning of your venture. Sure, it is possible to plunge in and magically be successful – but, that is like finding a unicorn guarding a pot of gold. Not very realistic.

Most products do not “sell themselves”. Really. Being swept up in the moment can lead to belief in that statement. Address that up front and remember you are the one that will sell this product or opportunity to people. Ask the person who is going to be your upline/mentor for actual reports of sales – numbers don’t lie. Having a fantastic product is what business is all about, there wouldn’t be new success stories without being able to have a great offer for new recruits. Remember, if you believe in your product or opportunity you will communicate that verbally and non verbally to your prospects.

When you choose the right opportunity, it sets you up for success. True, you may not be an overnight sensation or have endless free time instantly. However, with hard work, a good sense of humor, and the entrepreneur spirit you will build your business successfully and it will have the staying power that you need. As you grow personally and professionally you will have a team to be proud of, the wherewithal to be a true leader, and the ability to be a top earner in your Company.

Until the next post…

Brandis G.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur