Perfection Pressure – Good Thing, or Negative Distraction For the Side Hustle Entrepreneur?


So, what do you think? Are you a perfection pressure junkie? Maybe you have adopted a less stressful business persona – but, is that getting you to your personal and professional goals? There has got to be a healthy balance in there somewhere – Where? How do you find what works for you? What keeps you motivated and in achievement mode day to day?

With so many opinions, articles, suggestions, etc… – How do you find your own path to success? Here are some suggestions for you to check yourself with and make sure you are working your business smartly without driving yourself and loved ones to the brink of constant frustration.

Take 5 minutes and shut everything down – no phone, computer, or alerts. You are worth taking this time to get a read on yourself without distractions.  Yes, you have people who depend on you – your family, your team, YOU, and probably many more. You depend on you to make responsible, informed, beneficial decisions for all of those groups and you can’t do it if you are constantly striving with unrealistic demands on yourself.  Perfection is an unrealistic demand.

Wait a minute you say…

“I just started this business and I MUST be a top earner and high ranker within the first quarter.”

“ I read the emails and status reports from other Teams and they are SO successful.”

“I should be at “that” level – I am doing everything ‘they’ recommend and the problem must be me.”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being motivated.  In fact, you need to be motivated – just not to the point where you lose your perspective on life and sacrifice relationships. Without motivation you will stagnate in all areas. The “go with the flow” mentality will not get your bills paid, finance your summer vacation, or anything else for that matter.  In order to have a Side Hustle that helps your bottom line – you must have some “hustle”.

In addition, undoubtably if you are in direct sales – you need to be working with and forming your own Team. The purpose of Team building is just that – to BUILD relationships, strong relationships that endure the test of time and are not just relationships, but friendships. If people have a choice, they will do business with friends.  Not with individuals so focused on the next rank advancement they appear to not care about anything but the sale.

Striving to be a “perfect” entrepreneur is detrimental to your success. When you are striving to reach other people’s idea of what your success should look like, you lose what your personal goals are. The key to reaching your realistic goals is consistency – keeping your processes in place and building your brand alongside your business. Steadiness of purpose and keeping your posting schedule will make you visible on social media and people will start to look forward to seeing your posts and be tuned in to see what you will present to them next.  Find the schedule that works best for you and schedule a week’s worth of posts one time a week in advance, other than responding to comments and interested parties – don’t allow social media to take over your life.  If you use social media as a tool for your business and not something you feel you need to be perfect at – you will find social media will reward you with a brand awareness among your “friends and followers” (instead of being a voracious time and energy sapping entity) … then they will share with others, etc… Bada Boom Bada Bing… You will have gained a Healthy Lifestyle and a Healthy Success.


There is not a promise of instant fame, notoriety, and millions of dollars while you sleep.  If you have signed up for a Side Hustle that promises those things, reality check – not going to happen. There is a need for a schedule, self discipline, continuing  education, self improvement, and hard work. After all, it is a business.

Balance – know yourself and don’t get obsessed with the details that can bog you down.  Sabotaging your new business with unrealistic standards of success for yourself will not make you a calm business person, family member, team leader or attract people to you or your opportunity.

Putting yourself under undue stress will as it has been scientifically proven, affect your health – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  When you are not healthy, you will find that everything suffers.

After you have taken the 5 minutes to assess yourself and where you are at with having a balanced perspective on perfection – then reflect on what is realistic.

~ How much time can you ‘realistically’ devote to your business?                                    (Not what is expected- but, what is doable for you.)

~ What monthly income amount can you ‘realistically’ make in the first 6 months? First year? Second year and so on?                                                                                                   (Not what the top earner makes, but, what you can add to your budget and count on without making yourself crazy.)

If you aim for reality and have realistic expectations and balanced goals – you will have a positive outlook, feel better about your business, your successes will be celebrated by you and others instead of becoming a self defeating opportunity for self critisism … Which sounds better to you?

Take a deep breath.

Analyze your outlook honestly.

Stop focusing on what are where you should be – financially and also how fast you should be rank advancing.

Instead, realize that striving for perfection could possibly be having a negative impact on you and your prospects for your success.

Set your own goals – if they become too comfortable, up the stakes – but, keep it real.

The purpose of a supplemental business or Side Hustle, is to improve the quality of your life – not take years off of it.

Until next time…

Brandis G

Lifestyle Entrepreneur