When to Change Gears…

So you have dedicated your mornings, days, evenings, weekends – spent vacations glued to your phone or laptop, have had no time for anything that is simply social and not a networking event, your family has forgotten what you look like……..AND- nothing, nada, goose egg, no one is responding to your efforts to get your biz off the ground.

“Frustration” is too tame of a word to describe how you feel- “Dejected?”, perhaps “Rejected”? None of those are great feelings and can take their toll on you- physically, mentally, and emotionally. No one needs those emotions, especially with the pandemic occurring all over the Earth. There is plenty of anxiety to go around without the added stress of your personal home based biz crashing and burning.

Time to pause, take a breath, and do an honest assessment with yourself about what you are doing and where you are going. This is wayyyyyy harder then it sounds. When we have invested so much of ourselves into our home business – financially (having a home based biz can cost a lot out of pocket at the beginning) and mentally (you have to give more than 120%)- it is hard to let it go and switch those gears.

Try and reflect on what your recent experience has taught you…regardless of the outcome you are always learning from experiences, whether successful and good- or, the opposite. Perhaps you saw the path you were on and were able to change gears in months rather than years.

When you look at your investment in the business – whether it is for samples and printed information, event planning and signage, and/or for various training programs that were recommended. All those things can hit your bank account pretty hard.

With many people working from home for their 9-5 jobs, limits on personal interactions, and everyone watching their funds right now- it can seem like everything is piled up high in opposition to your success. Time to change the way you are working, and perhaps even change your business into something more fluid and flexible during this time.

Many have changed from hosting “in person” events to a strictly “on line” presence. Not everyone is equipped for that flip. However, it has been thrust upon many and the learning curve can be steep.

If we can keep an open mind, and a willing spirit we can learn the skills we need pretty quickly. There are many “You Tube” videos and “How To” online workshops that will get your Social Media presence up to snuff in no time. An added bonus is that most of these programs and videos are FREE.

Once you are getting set up with your Social Media presence, (though please keep in mind it can still be hit or miss a bit – you are learning after all) – you are ready to look at whether you want to stick with the business that is just draining you or, maybe switch to something new and intriguing. Since we are in a whole new environment, being at home 24/7, new and intriguing might be a good idea.

There are so many options- such as; making and selling crafts online or maybe cleaning out your closets and selling what you no longer want or need for some ready cash. People are shopping on line like never before – it is unprecedented. Just think of all the Amazon memes out there – “Don’t Drink and Prime” is one of my personal favorites.

There are so many platforms out there for selling and reselling items. Do your research and find something that works best for you. This project can even be a family event- everyone goes through their closet and fills a box. Then you can post, sell, mail, and collect funds. Perhaps there is a craft your family enjoys. Sewing, knitting, crocheting blankets, pot holders, dish rags, quilts…the possibilities are really open ended and all can be great gifts for the Season that is rapidly approaching. Some States require a simple business license if you are going to buy things wholesale and you plan on reselling them. Check out the laws for your State. Better safe than tax sorry….

Take the time you have to recharge, switch gears, and do something that keeps you calm and “present” – not distracted and “stressed”.

“We are all in this together”…. it is a well used catchphrase but, it is true. So start switching up those gears.

Brandis G.

‘The Biz Blog”