Great Ideas for Perfectionists Working Imperfectly in a Pandemic World

Look Familiar???? It should. Millions and millions of people are adjusting to this very situation. Whether you agree with mask mandates or vaccinations or not- life has forever changed.

One of the largest changes that has taken place has been the whole structure of the work environment. You see co workers holding zoom calls in their closets. “Zoom Attire” is the mullet of the clothing world. Business on the top and Pajamas on the bottom. You know you have done it- we all have. Kind of makes us feel like we are getting away with something. What a generation of rebels!

If you are typically a very structured organized worker bee, or business owner, this kinda drives you a little bit wacky. It’s hard to talk business when you are distracted by your colleague’s High School Letterman’s Jacket in the back of the picture. The non structured workplace makes it very easy to be distracted, lose focus, and not give your full attention to the work at hand.

One thing that can help cut down on wandering attention is by investing in a back blue or green screen for your video calls. Some employers will even buy in bulk or reimburse you the cost of a backdrop. The backgrounds Zoom provides seem to be just about as distracting as the 30 year old Prom Dress in your colleague’s closet.

You can purchase them on Amazon, EBay, Facebook ads, etc…..and at the very least you will be able to write it off for business. Keep those receipts (organized at least by month) for easy tax prep next year.

More and more people are getting vaccinated so, theoretically there could be a return to the office this year. However, there is so much unknown regarding variants, etc…make everything still remain up in the air.

That alone is enough to send the professional perfectionist into a full blown anxiety attack. The unknown is not a place perfectionists like to visit. The more that is unknown and uncertain rocks the whole psyche of our pandemic professional.

Keeping up a routine (as best as you can) taking breaks to get out of the closet – literally. Remembering how vital Self Care is, that it is a necessity instead of an optional occurrence. This is easy to say, but, very hard to put into practice. (At least for me.)

I am a very disorganized organized person. I know that may sound like an oxymoron. But, it is the absolute truth.

Ask me to pull a report, extra staples, tape, reference materials and I can get it to you in minutes. My Husband used to be constantly amazed when he would ask for a five year old document that has been “stored” – and presto, I bring it to him within minutes and he just shook his head- like I was David Copperfield.

Your work space does not have to be austere. It’s good to make it yours. You have even more permission to do this now that you aware the only in your work space.

Just keep it where you still can control placement and be at home and comfortable in your area and I your own skin.

Everything is still a bit “unsettled” to say the least. This will last a long time be prepared to keep your head above water.

Make a plan to keep your goals in sight as society remains unsettled…

Control what you can, let go of what you can’t- (delegate where ever possible to trustworthy coworkers), and remember to get out of the closet for a walk every now and again.

If you notice an increase in your anxiety, which is very common these days- or, if you swing the other way towards depression, please don’t hesitate to seek help. The medical community is seeing a lot of Pandemic related issues. The typical perfectionist professional is very hesitant to admit the need for help.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help…

Awareness of mental health has really been brought to the fore with celebrities, Simone Biles for one, showing their vulnerability and that it is ok to take care of yourself.

Don’t be shy, schedule your day out as detailed as you need- and include time for you.

These tips hopefully will help all of my Type A Perfectionist Professionals brethren.

Until next time –

Brandis G

Perhaps add a solid sheet behind you to keep the focus on you and not what is in your closet….
Chronic Antiseptic Application – The Scent of the Times.
Move over Chanel No 5…..